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Novoclinica, Inc. is a clinical research organization driven by vision For Better Medicine™. We provide solutions for phase I-IV clinical trials in Russian and CIS markets. We believe that because of the region's large patient population and highly qualified medical personnel we can create unique value for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies going through clinical phases of drug development process. By improving enrollment into clinical trials and maintaining high level of retention we address the most common sources of clinical trial delays. The company operates in compliance with current FDA and ICH guidance on good clinical practice and the conduct of clinical trials (GCP). Our partner in Russia is Probiotech company.


The Value 

Today, 90% of clinical trials are delayed because of unfulfilled enrollment and poor patient retention. At Novoclinica we address these two challenges by working closely with medical centers and institutions that have access to target patient population and specialize in major therapeutic areas. 

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When you partner with Novoclinica you will get: 

Access to Russian medical centers and institutions 
Timely regulatory approval with Russian ministry of health and social development 
Effective clinical site monitoring 
Efficient clinical trial project management 
Global adverse event reporting 
Management of study supplies and samples 
Laboratory services 
Data management 
Medical writing, translation and other support services 

Our vision for better medicine drives our commitment to success in working with sponsors, healthcare professionals, patients and local healthcare authorities. 
We believe that accelerating research in disease mechanisms and recent advancements in biological sciences will lead to better medicine. 
We see Novoclinica being part of this process working closely with our partners and helping them bring better medicine to the patients.