The Vision

Our vision for better medicine inspires us to become the leading contract research organization.

We will achieve our vision by focusing on our partner’s success in executing clinical development programs with quality, efficiency, speed, innovation, and passion.

 The Meaning Behind the Name

The name Novoclinica comes from Latin word novo (new, recent) - meaning to introduce something for the first time, and Greek word clin (bed) - meaning patient care. Novoclinica delivers clinical trail solutions that lead to introduction of better medicine and improved patient care. 

Core Values

We believe that accelerating research in disease mechanisms and recent advancements in biological sciences will lead to better medicine.

We believe that new therapeutics combined with next generation screening and companion diagnostics will enable
better medicine.

We see Novoclinica as an extension of our partner's team working together towards a common goal of bringing
better medicine to the patients.

We believe that our passion for
better medicine enables us to be efficient in gaining regulatory approvals.

We believe that by offering complete clinical trial solutions we focus on our partner's success in bringing
better medicine to the patients.

We believe that by following best practices we meet our partner's needs in bringing
better medicine to the patients faster.

Get to know the success story of clinical research in Russia. 
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